Art as a Tool
Art as a Tool is a work by CollectiveConstructs, a collective by Lola Diaz Cantoni and Jorien Ketelaar. Art as a tool wants to research, question and discuss. Art as a Tool is a physical space with two swings to think, a sitting area to discuss and a table to make. We invite the visitors to interact with all the spaces, we offer them coffee with a question and ask to express their thoughts on paper which will be included in the zine of the day. The next day we share the zine of the day before with new visitors. There is also a mobile space, which consists of a person who is interacting with the audience of the exhibition outside of the space.

A tool for questioning and sharing,

A space for conversation and action,

A collective construction of knowledge.

We aim to challenge visitors’ perspectives through dialogue and making, by questioning conceptions about what art is and can be. By actively engaging with the audience we want to stimulate new thoughts and create a database of knowledge to share.

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Photos by Lisa Jasperina Bommerson
Artikel uit Metropolis M, geschreven door Agnes Winter