During the week against child abuse we made the installation "Buiten is het feest, maar wat gebeurt er binnen?" in the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam.
The installation was made in collaboration with the manifestation "Buiten is het feest" by Impact Makers.

The manifestation existed out of five conversations throughout the Netherlands about sexual child abuse and why we never speak about it or don't know how to act. These conversations were based on the movie "Buiten is het feest" about a girl being sexually abused by her stepfather.

One out of ten children in the Netherlands is a victim of sexual abuse, yet almost nobody talks about it. The installation was part of the manifestation to have more open conversations about this. 865 teddy bears, the number of reports made against child abuse in 2020, were hung up in groups of 10 of which 9 were in the same colour and 1 in a different colour which represents the number 1 out of 10. During the hanging we talked to a lot of people about the subject. The hanging was therefor a very important part of the work.

Drawings by Bindert Helder
Buiten is het feest, maar wat gebeurt er binnen?