Can you smell the dike?

Collective Constructs is a collective that, together with others, co-creates site-specific spaces in which we contribute to the continuous dialogue which is questioning, reflecting and sharing views and conceptions on art, life, and our position in the world. Throughout these spaces we are exploring different ways of making, experiencing, learning and working together.

During our residency period at the Bierumer School, within the framework of Vrijplaats Voor Verbeelding, we developed a number of actions as invitations for residents to re-experience their everyday surroundings. The creation of a new flag with a hole in the middle which gives different frameworks to look through, constantly changing by the weather and the moment of the day. A number of printed instructions were handed out to customers at the local shop and the bakery which invited locals to reflect upon what they see, hear and smell. Connected to these ideas the new publication of the Hidden Times is a continuation of these actions as invitations. We also hosted a salad lunch in which all people invited brought two ingredients based on instructions, which together became a salad we ate together. Everyone introduced themselves by their ingredients and by cutting and preparing together got to know each other.

During the finissage of Vrijplaats Voor Verbeelding there was "Stitch and Chat", a corner in which people were invited to do collective embroidery pieces.

Collective Constructs has been active since 2018, and is a collaboration between Lola Diaz Cantoni and Jorien Ketelaar. Visit to find out more about their previous projects.