In January and February of 2022 I was in residence at the Bierumer School, closing off the project Vrijplaats Voor Verbeelding. During the residency new works have been developed, and the school was transformed into a place for the imagination. In the redactielokaal you were invited to become a journalist and write for the newspaper. Each typewriter had a different question. All the articles came together on the wall, and is at this moment put together to be published as a new newspaper.

There was a meeting, speaking and reading space where you could drink a coffee, read a newspaper, write and share thoughts and meet people.

As potatoes are the local product of Bierum and a big influence on the industry and the landscape there was a potato tasting.

Between Groningen and Bierum there was an old bus driving, bringing people to the school for the finissage in the last weekend of February. During the bus ride you experienced a tour through the landscape, sharing stories and creating alternative realities.

At the finissage was on Saturday a conversation with David Stroband and Erik Hagoort, speaking together with the public about the relationship between art and it's context, the artist and the community and how we relate to this.