Always moving around, sometimes within Groningen (where I am based), sometimes further away. You can get in touch with me via email: jorienketelaar@gmail.com

Projects and residencies

- Something Foreign residency at HKICC school in collaboration with No Discipline, Hong Kong (Oktober-November)
- Klei straat kunst route, making clay sculptures with passers by in the Tarwewijk Rotterdam and making a public art route with it, with Floor van Meeuwen. (July)
- Work period of two months in Porto, working at plata.estudio, and working together wtih Valeria Lehner. Portugal (February-March)
- Residency at Co*Transpose, did research during residency period and made a publication together with Franka Geiser afterwards. Dikaia, Greece (April)
- Traces: a zine made by Collective Constructs exhibited during Drawing Zines at Drawing Centre Diepenheim, Diepenheim, NL

- Wasserette de Printer: running a laundromat for one month in projectspace SIGN with Laureen Langkamp and Floor van Meeuwen and support from Kunstraad Groningen, Groningen, NL (June-July)
- Geluid van de Eemsdelta: creating a performative drawing installation with Paula Biemans for a music concert, Appingedam, NL (June)
- NewsBar: making newspapers and presenting Vrijplaats Voor Verbeelding at Supermarket independent art fair in Stockholm, SE (May)
- Can you smell the dike?: a short residency at the Bierumer School with Collective Constructs, Bierum, NL (January)
- Collective embroidery with Collective Constructs at Galerie Noord, Groningen, NL, Supermarket Independent Art Fair Stockholm, SE, and at Wasserette de Printer in SIGN, Groningen, NL.

- Vrijplaats Voor Verbeelding: an one year project about the imagination in Bierum working with the Bierumer School and the residents of Bierum, supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Stichting Stokroos and Kunstraad Groningen (March 2021- March 2022)
- Hidden Times: taking over the newspaper of the Bierumer School and publishing a newspaper every month for one year during Vrijplaats Voor Verbeelding, Bierum, NL
- Zitten op eigen risico: an interactive installation built with Chiara and installed in Bierum, NL (December)
- Buiten is het feest, maar wat gebeurd er binnen?: installation in the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam for the week against child abuse in collaboration with Bindert Helder and Sjoerd Rep. (November)
- Meet, Eat and Speak: cooking and eating together at the Bierumer School with Louwrien Wijers and Egon Hansftingl, Bierum, NL (June)

- Tomorrow’s Language: an exhibition with 34 works of Louwrien Wijers behind the windows of residents throughout the city of Groningen, by Collective Constructs in collaboration with Louwrien Wijers and ARTisBOOK, Groningen, NL (May-September)
- Part of Homescreen, an online platform for presenting artists in times of a pandemic on Instagram (@homescreen._) and later on paper. With Kamile Cesnaviciute, Lola Diaz Cantoni, Radina Kordova and Thomas Scholing.
- Space of movement: an online platform where we uploaded every day a postcard with an artwork by different artists to spread their work during pandemic times, together with Franka Geiser.

- Tea Mobile: organizing and taking part in the summer residency with five artists from Hanoi at academie Minerva, Groningen, NL. (Summer)
- Art as a Tool by Collective Constructs during FORMED / UNFORMED graduation show, Former Sugar Factory, Groningen, NL (June)
- Window Exhibitions: hosting exhibitions in windows during The World We Live In festival, in collaboration with Chiara Tamarro, Groningen, NL (May)
- 48hrs residency: at kunsthuis SYB with Collective Constructs, Beetsterzwaag, NL. (April)

- Turbo Solarium: workweek in Skoki with Franka Geiser. (April)
- Exchanging Dialogues: a three week project in Hanoi with KLAP platform, working together with students from the academy in Hanoi towards a group exhibition.
- Melting: a performance presented during The Supreme Exodus LAB, with Lola Diaz Cantoni and Mairi Munro, Groningen, NL
- Giving a project week together with Niels Bekkema at academie Minerva Groninge

Other things I do/did

- Head of production of Green Fields | Subsurface. A residency and exhibition with three artists developing new works organised by Het Resort, a nomadic art space in Groningen. (May-October)

- Part of ORKZ art; organizing exhibitions in the daycafe in the ORKZ, an anarchistic living community where I live with 250 neighbours.
- Cooking club with Jesse Havinga, Kalle Wolters, Lola Diaz Cantoni en Tjesse Riemersma, hosting dinners and creating space for encounters.
- Traces: made a zine with Collective Constructs which was exhibited during Drawing Zines at Drawing Centre Diepenheim, Diepenheim, NL
- Presenting our zines, publications and newspapers with Laureen Langkamp and Floor van Meeuwen at Le Vois Zines in Ghent, BE.
- Presenting Vrijplaats Voor Verbeelding newspapers at the Book Fair in NP3, Groningen, NL.
- Curator together with Rolina Nell for the residents in the Bierumer School (ongoing)
- Giving a guest lecture at the minor GIST at the NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden.
- Part of the jury for the prize for DBKV students of NHL Stenden and of the graduation show Minerva

- De Zwanenhals Uitgeverij: a small self-publishing collective with Koen de Graaf and Bindert Helder. Groningen, NL
- Co-organizer and member of Lack of Feedback (LOF), an online feed- back group during pandemic times.
- Part of the collective Droom en Vreesman, sharing a studio, working together and hosting events.
- Part of Homezeen, Homescreen made fysical in the form of a zine after pandamic times were calming down.
- Spread zine fest Groningen, presenting zines, newspapers and publications with the VVV-kantoor, Groningen, NL
- Giving workshops at the refugee centre in Delfzijl with De Vrolijkheid, and at primary and high schools (ongoing)
- Taking part in the online masterclasses by VHDG (2021)

- Part of the board of HUL as treasurer, running a studio in Groningen.

- PresentingTea Mobile at academie Minerva and the Dutch embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam
- Giving classes at a creative school in Hanoi, Vietnam
- Producer of the Summer Residency with four artists from Hanoi in Groningen, summer 2019

- Forest of Symbols book presented at Does It Have A Name (DIHAN), Groningen, NL
- Stamppot dinner in NP3 presenting the outcome of the 48hrs residency we did in kunsthuis SYB as Collective Constructs, Groningen, NL
- The Space by Collective Constructs at the Green Lights exhibition, Groningen NL
- Giving a project week together with Niels Bekkema at academie Minerva Groningen
- Moderator at the gesprekken marathon in the Bierumer School.
- Part of the admission committee for new students of academy Minerva, Groningen
- Facilitating and organising the studio’s in academie Minerva, Groningen
- Member of Collective Constructs, an art collective with Lola Diaz Cantoni that focuses on collaborative and socially engaged projects. (December-present)
- Member of the board of The Catalyst Club, a self-organized group of students, alumni, and tutors from a range of disciplines building together an extracurricular program. (2018-2019)

- Organising research trips with Chiara Tammaro to Leeds and Rotterdam.
- Organising an one-week-exchange-program with a student from Willem de Kooning academy
- Member of KLAP, a student-initiated platform that organizes lectures, exhibitions, events & collaborative projects (2017 - 2019)


- Bachelor in fine arts at Academie Minerva (2015 -2019)
- Erasmus exchange Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu, Poznan, Poland (summer semester 2018)


- Artist in space (2021)
- Cultuur in tijden van Corona (2021)
- Metropolis M (2019)
- Kunstpunt (2019)
- Radio Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee (2019)