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Wasserette De Printer transformed art space SIGN into a free laundrette in a fluctuating setting for one month in the summer of 2022. All dirty laundry was welcome, but please note; only wash at your own risk!

The project was a collaboration between Laureen Langkamp, Floor van Meeuwen and Jorien Ketelaar who, by means of their own publications on the reading table, dynamic installations and workshops in the laundrette, created a temporary platform for everyone in the neighbourhood without and with a washing machine to come and do their laundry. Through local wifi-infrastructure, ironing meditations, an eco-laundry programme and interactive furnishing, the waiting time becomes a full on experience in which you not only wash but also participate in a laundry programme of your choice. Wasserette de Printer offered various weekly programmes with workshops, a performance night, an eclectic networking night with cocktails and round table conversations.

During the project we received many different people; art lovers, homeless people, students, squatters and families. All interacting in their own way with the wasserette, but all coming home with fresh screenprints on their clothes, made with their own contributions. The things that happened inside the wasserette now continue to travel the city, the country and maybe even the world on the clothes that were washed and printed in the laundromat.