Forest of Symbols // collages made of found objects
C2 // foam, plaster, plastic, paint, lights, wood. Working for one week, 12 hours a day, in a space with old works transforming into new works and an installation toghether with Chiara Tammaro.
Teddy // vacuumed teddy bears questioning the expiry date of things
As there was for us a lack of communal space at the Art University in Poznan, Franka and I created a living room in the hallway of the university. This became a political battle between the managing board and us, questioning the policy, the system and the hierarchy.
Interactive installation // water, plastic, lights
"Buiten is het feest, maar wat gebeurd er binnen?" is an installation in de Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam for the week against child abuse. 875 teddybears were spread in the street in groups of 10, representing the 875 reports at the police of child abuse. Groups of 10 teddybears with 1 in a different colour represent that 1 of the 10 children in the Netherlands is being sexually abused. Poster made by Bindert Helder. In collaboration with Stichting Impact Makers and help from volunteers.
"Zitten op eigen risico" is an installation in public space made together with Chiara Tammaro. It consists of chairs in different heights and positions in order to get a different view on a landscape you encounter every day.
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